Longrich Cordyceps Militaris Capsules

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Main Ingredients: Cordycepin, Cordycepic acid, Cordyceps, polyaccharide, adenosine, SOD (antioxidant enzyme) and protein. The high concentration of active properties in our cordyceps Very effective in the treatment of

  • cancer and breast lumps
  • Aids in the proper functions of the lungs, liver, and kidney
  • Proven to be highly effective in improving sperm production and sexuality in men
  • Anti-aging Excellent in the treatment of chronic bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis, and other respiratory diseases
  • It alleviates fatigue, cold intolerance, dizziness, frequent nocturia (frequent urination at night) and amnesia
  • It enhances immunity and reduces blood cholesterol level
  • Quite effective in the treatment of impotence
  • It is a proven agent as anti-microbial, steroidogenic, hypoglacaemic, hypolipidaemic, anti-angiogenetic, anti-diabetic, anti-AIDS, anti-malaria etc
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